MAOVPN - protection and anonymity


Who needs a VPN?

If you want free access to information. Want to be sure that you are protected on the Internet and you need anonymity.

1 - Traffic encryption

We use only secure AES-encryption

2 - Security

Do not worry when connecting to unknown and public Wi-Fi networks

3 - All internet available

You can go to any sites, including blocked ones. You can watch any movies and listen to any music.

4 - The most advanced technology

We use OpenVPN works on any modern operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, provides strong encryption, works through routers and is very stable

5 - Play without limits

You can play any games on any servers. You can install games that are not available in your area. Your gaming services will be available to you: Google Stadia, Steam, Xbox Live, Origin, PlayStation Network,, Humble Bundle,

6 - Anonymity

Hiding your real IP address. Complete anonymity of your data.

Support for any devices

We use only modern technology - OpenVPN, our service supports Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, iOS, Android and other Linux platforms


On all tariffs available: Speed up to 30Mbps and above, Low ping, Unlimited traffic, 24-hour technical support.


$ 0.75 / month

2 users
Europe (available)


$ 0.9 / month

2 users


We will answer any questions:

After paying for the access, you will receive an archive with the OpenVPN configuration file.

1. Install the OpenVPN client

Windows: download OpenVPN Windows Installer
Linux: Use the repository version
MacOS: Use Tunnelblick Tunnelblick
Android: OpenVPN Connect (Android 4.0+)
iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad): OpenVPN Connect

2. Import the configuration file

Download the .ovpn file from the email.
Windows: start OpenVPN, right-click on the OpenVPN icon in the tray (about hours), select the item “import configuration”, click on the .ovpn file
Linux: if you want to use the console client, use .ovpn-files, if NetworkManager, then ZIP-archive
Android, iOS, Mac OS: click on the .ovpn-files in the mail client and they are imported independently

3. Connect to VPN

Windows: right-click on the OpenVPN icon near the clock and select “connect”.
Linux: NetworkManager can be used to configure the connection. Extract all the files from the zip archive and import the .ovpn file into Networkmanager. If you do not use NetworkManager, run OpenVPN with the command: sudo openvpn /path/to/config-file.ovpn
Other OS: use a graphical utility. If you need to edit the configuration file, do not use the standard Windows notepad! We recommend using Notepad++ notepad++.